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Evangelical Ministries of the Americas (MEDA), is a Non-Profit, higher educational institution in Siguatepeque, Honduras that has as its primary focus the training of pastors and church leaders to further the gospel of Christ in Honduras. SEPE students trained at MEDA are strategically equipped to handle the Word of God and resolve genuine problems of society as they produce positive changes within their local communities.  Through the training of SEPE students, MEDA serves as a critical component to the cultural transformation of Honduras and beyond.  Exalting Christ in Honduras (ECH) is a USA based non-profit 501(c)3 that resources and supports MEDA’s strategic mission implementation within Latin America and the Caribbean.


More than 100 churches have sent men to MEDA for training. MEDA is a faith-based ministry that relies on donations from individuals who are eager and willing to join in funding them and become a huge part of the work that they are doing in Honduras.

Our History:

Ministerios Evangélicos de las Américas (MEDA), or Evangelical Ministries of the Americas, was established in 1998. MEDA receives and trains pastors from over 100 churches from all evangelical denominations in Honduras and a growing number of Latin American countries. MEDA's attraction is its reputation for quality instruction and focus on the essentials for preaching the point of each passage. Repeatedly, the men express that there is nothing like MEDA in all of Central America. The ministry truly is unique in its design and emphasis.

Our Commitments:

We are committed to the sufficiency of the Word of God. We believe that God has revealed Himself to us in written scripture, giving us the knowledge of Himself, His redemptive work, and of our hope for the future in Christ. We believe that the Word of God contains enough power to change lives in order to be conformed to the image of Christ. It is our desire that MEDA’s attendants would commit to this vital principle so that the sufficiency of the Word of God can govern their lives in every spiritual matter.

We are committed to the priority of the local church. We believe that in this age, God is working through His people, the church, and using it to perfect the redeemed saints. The church is the tool that God uses to cultivate unity among believers with a special communion, led by the mutual duties that are found in Holy Scripture. It is our desire that MEDA’s attendants will become intimately involved in the local church for it to become the primary environment for spiritual growth. It is also our desire that MEDA will serve as an instrument that helps the church so she can operate with utmost efficiency.

We are committed to the exaltation of Christ. All that we do must be directed to the glory of our sovereign Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. We believe that the central theme of Scriptures is the glory of God in Christ. It is our duty to present in every person wholly in Christ and we do this through the preaching and teaching of Christ. Live is worth absolutely nothing without Christ. He is our all in all! It is our desire that MEDA’s attendants can become even more passionate for The Lord Jesus Christ, the Sovereign God who saved us from sin for an eternal life with Him.




The Urgency Of Our Ministry:

When Christopher Columbus landed on the coast of Honduras in 1502, he came in the name of Christ but had no gospel message. Conquered by Spain, Honduras gained her independence in 1821. Today, social and political instability have plagued the nation, causing one of the highest murder rates in the world. Honduras is one of the poorest countries in the region, with half the population living in poverty.

In this context, the false hope of the prosperity gospel thrives. However, MEDA and the pastors trained in this program are heralding the true gospel and equipping congregations to make disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ.





Roman Catholic 73%




Our Doctrinal statement is based upon the Holy Scriptures of God, and it serves as a testimony of what we believe.

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MEDA is full of opportunities for short term missions groups who want to come serve in Honduras


MEDA is focused on strategic programs that help equip Church leaders and Pastors

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MEDA is a Non-Profit organization that relies on the donations of generous believers who wish to partner with us in God's work in Honduras 

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