Ministerios Evangélicos de las Américas (MEDA) is very excited to partner with the Trujillo Coffee Company to introduce MEDA Coffee. Not only is MEDA Coffee a rich and delicious coffee grown by Honduran farmers near the town of Trujillo off the northern coast of Honduras, but the partnerships involved create amazing opportunities for the ministries of training pastors and planting churches with sound biblical doctrine.


In addition to providing a good living wage for the Honduran farmers who grow and produce the coffee, the Trujillo Coffee Company uses the additional profits to help local Honduran pastors, many of whom are graduates of the Seminary for Expository Preaching at MEDA, to plant churches in areas where no solid churches presently exist. In addition, the partnership with MEDA itself provides even more financial assistance for the actual training of these pastors to receive a Master of Divinity level of education.


Through the purchase of MEDA Coffee in the U.S. for your personal use or that of your church or retail setting , you have the opportunity to not only buy a quality premium coffee, the only of its kind in Honduras to be packaged in nitrogen to seal in the freshness of its gourmet flavor; but you also will be supporting the seminary training of pastors at one of Latin America’s finest institutions, and you will be helping many of these men to plant churches to spread the good news of Jesus Christ throughout Honduras and many other parts of Latin America.

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