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A few years back MEDA initiated a building project that would add 4 new classrooms to adequately and efficiently train our seminary men.  We praise the Lord that the classrooms are currently mostly functional, but there is still unfinished construction in the building such as the unfinished bathrooms, porch roof, the porch flooring, exterior painting, and covered walkways to the classroom building

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Library Projects

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Library Renovation

The current space for the library is inadequate and has various deficiencies that are affecting the lives of the books.  Our desire is to move to another building that MEDA desires to renovate for the Library.  MEDA’s desire is also to upgrade our current book inventory system by the time they are moved to the new, renovated building.



Library Books

As MEDA expands its programs, there is a greater need of expansion for the library.  Our desire is to increase the number of volumes on a yearly basis for the next 5 years.

$2,000per Year

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