1st Year


Spanish Grammar

Expository Preaching I

Expository Preaching II

Greek Grammar I

Greek Grammar II

Greek Grammar III

Greek Grammar IV

2nd Year
Greek Exegesis I

Greek Exegesis II

New Testament Exegesis

Old and New Testament Study

Expository Preaching III

History of Theology

Theology I (Prolegomenon/Proper Theology/Bibliology)

Theology II (Christology / Pneumatology)

3rd Year

Hebrew Grammar I

Hebrew Grammar II

Hebrew Grammar III

Hebrew Grammar IV

Hebrew Exegesis I
Hebrew Exegesis II

Old Testament Exegesis

Preaching on Genre

4th Year

Theology III (Anthropology/Hematology)

Theology IV (Soteriology/Angelology)

Theology V (Ecclesiology/Escatology)

Biblical Introduction

Biblical Counseling

Expository Preaching IV

Pastoral Ministry

Expository Preaching V

Purpose Statment

The Seminary for Expository Preaching (SEPE) is a program grounded on the basic conviction that expository preaching is not a method of presentation, but a mandate for precision.

GOD DEMANDS the clear and precise exposition of the Scriptures from the pastor so that Christ will be exalted and understood with accuracy by the listener. Expository preaching is the only kind of preaching that meets the mandate of God for instruction and exhortation of His church. Such demand requires a precise preparation that runs through the exegetical process. The pastor that attends SEPE will receive the necessary tools to interpret, explain, and apply the Word of God with precision in order that the church exalts Christ and retain the faithful word, exhorting with sound teaching and convincing those who contradict (Titus 1:9)

 THE TASK of the pastor in this day and age is the same as Timothy’s.

“I solemnly charge you before God…preach the word…” (2 Tim. 4) as well as, “Be diligent to present yourself approved to God as a workman… accurately handling the word of truth.” (2 Tim. 2:15)


Affordable Enrollment:

SEPE acknowledges that the majority of pastors in Honduras have economic challenges, for this reason, SEPE desires to do everything in its power in order to have pastors educated without the barrier of high tuition rates and cost of academic resources. Currently, the cost of a two-week module (8 modules/yr) is of $35 – this includes academic resources, food and housing in MEDA for the duration of two weeks.

Convenient Schedule:

SEPE acknowledges the importance of the local church. That is why SEPE has accommodated the academic schedule taking into account the pastor’s duties and has decided to offer assignments in two-week modules at a time. During these two weeks, the student will reside and study within the MEDA facilities. Upon completion of the module, the student returns home to finish assignments and continue his pastoral labor. The module takes place every 4 – 5 weeks. In doing this, the pastor or leader is not permanently absent from his church. On the contrary, the local church cherishes the pastor’s intellectual, academic, and spiritual growth.

We are so blessed to have the SEPE pastoral training in our country. It is transforming the face of the churches here in Honduras. They are teaching us to put our trust not in men, not in modern-day apostles, not in the power to declare things or to perform miracles, but in the power of God’s Word.

Pastor Anibal, 2016 Graduate

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